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Hotel "Beaumonde"

Thumbnail imageWe started hosting visitors as a family-run hotel, more than 15 years ago. Time by time we increase the number of rooms reaching 19 in 2011. As a result, Guest House Beaumonde was transformed to the Hotel Beaumonde.

The Beaumonde Hotel surrounds you in style and comfort. We warmly welcome you to enjoy the style and the spirit of our Hotel.
Beaumonde offers Hotel hospitality and style in the heart of Tbilisi. Surrounded by the city’s top performance venues, dining and shopping, our boutique hotel provides comfortable accommodations along with exceptional services and amenities.
While entering the hotel lobby, you feel the warmest atmosphere you ever felt. The reception is always ready to assists you. We offer beautiful view to the city and to the mountain “Mtatsminda” where the biggest entertainment park in Georgia is located and Pantheon of Writers and Public Figures. We make the meal from natural product and what is delicious in our hotel is that Georgian Wine, tea, coffee and mineral water is free of charge during your lunch/dinner time.
Once you visit our place, you will never forget about us.


41 Vazha Pshavela Ave.,

Tbilisi 0177, Georgia

+995 322 251613

+995 577 720068 (mob.)

+995 577 720066 (mob.)

+995 599 985484 (mob)

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