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Hotel "Astoria"

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The Hotel “Astoria” is located in the Historical center of Tbilisi, namely, on the left bank of the Ricer Kura. Tbilisi historical Monuments, Galleries, Museums, Shops, Theatres and Cultural sights can be enjoyed on foot. 5-storey hotel has 28 rooms and each of them embodies in itself a combination of classic and modern design elements.

Each quest room is equipped with all the necessary modern equipments, such as, cable TV, telephone, wireless Internet, air Conditioning, central heating, balcony-from where visitors please themselves with the beautiful panoramic views of the city. The Hotel has a bar –restaurant, Soft drinks such as Borjomi, Nabeglavi, lemonade are free of charge. The offers open and sheltered free parking space.




41 Vazha Pshavela Ave.,

Tbilisi 0177, Georgia

+995 322 251613

+995 577 720068 (mob.)

+995 577 720066 (mob.)

+995 599 985484 (mob)

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